712. SAMUEL RICHARDSON (27) , Carnally knowing May Rose Hellewell, a girl above 13 and under 16 years of age. MR. HUTTON Prosecuted The prisoner received a good character. GUILTY .— Three Months’ Hard Labour.   View trial »
625. TIMOTHY SHAY (30), and MICHAEL LOONEY (32) , Burglary. in the dwelling-house of George Newbon, and stealing a jug, a glass, and other goods, and 5l. 1s. 9d. in money, his property. MR. DALY. coutlnctrd that Protection; MR. MONTAGU WILLIAMS. defended Shay. GEORGE NEWBON . I keep the Brown Bear public-house, East Smithfield—on the ninth of 22ml June I shut my house up—I was called up by the police about 1.30—I found the front door open, and the things in disorder—I shut the door, and went to bed again—about half an hour afterwards I was called again by two constables—I then missed 5l. worth of never from a marble slab—there was 10l. left, but there was a gloss with some spills in …   View trial »
45. ELLEN SMITH (32) , Feloniously casting over Richard Chapman a certain corrosive fluid, with intent to maim and disable him. Second Count, to disfigure him. Third Count, to do him some grievous bodily harm. She PLEADED GUILTY to the Third Count.— Three Years’ Penal Servitude.   View trial »
54. THOMAS LEWIS was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 29th of September , seven yards of cambric value 3l. 2s. 6d. the property of Samuel Troughton , in his dwelling-house . SAMUEL TROUGHTON sworn. - I am a linendraper , No. 33, St. Paul’s Church-yard  : On the 10th of November, I was informed I was robbed, but know nothing of the robbery, being out of town. ROBERTS SIMMONDS sworn. - I live at No. 174, Fleet-street, with Mr. Parker, a pwanbroker, and produce seven yards and a half of cambric; on the 29th of September, the prisoner brought this cambric to pawn, about nine o’clock in the morning; he asked ten shillings which gave me…   View trial »
1344. MARGARET BROWN and ANN HANDLEY , stealing 1 ring, value 5s.; 12 sovereigns, and 1 half-sovereign; the property of Charles Ilsley, from his person; Brown having been previously convicted. CHARLES ILSLEY. I live in Wellington-street, St. Luke’s. On 15th April, between one and two o’clock in the morning, I met the two prisoners at the end of Brick-lane, Old-street—they came up and spoke to me—I stopped talking a few minutes, and they began to pull me about—I found Brown’s hand in my pocket, and saw her hand pass to Handley, who was close by—I heard three or four sovereigns drop—I stooped to pick them up—I had previously had some loose silver in my right-hand trowser’s pocket, gold ring,…   View trial »
222. (M) Hannah Robinson , otherwise Degoe , widow , was indicted for stealing one silver watch, value four pounds, one pair of metal buckles, value sixpence, and six shillings in money numbered , the property of James Barrel July 2 ++ . Acquitted .   View trial »
214. (L.) Mark Ward was indicted for stealing three quarters of a pound of green tea, one tin cannister, three ounces of cloves, and four ounces of nutmegs, the value of the whole, 12 s. being the goods of Francis Morley , May 18 . Francis Morley . I am a grocer , and live in Cheapside  ; the prisoner was my journeyman . On the 18th of this instant May, out of thirteen shillings in half-pence I missed ten pence halfpenny, and upon my making inquiry I perceived the prisoner to change countenance. About an hour afterwards the ten pence halfpenny missing was laid upon a cannister between my shop door and the stairs, which (as I had lost money…   View trial »
2889. JOHN SMITH was indicted for stealing, on the 22nd of October, 1 waistcoat, value 6d., the goods of William Elliott, in a vessel, on the navigable river Thames. WILLIAM ELLIOTT . I am a sailor, belonging to the Ellen: she is on the Thames. Between seven and eight o’clock in the morning of the 21st of September, I saw the prisoner, with my jacket in his hand, in the cabin—he had no business there—I asked what he wanted—he did not speak—I spoke again—I said, “If you do not speak, I will very soon see who you are”—I hove the bed-clothes off me, he made a bolt to the steerage, and I after him—I got hold of one of his legs, and he had no shoe on—he tumbled down by the gangway, recovered himself, and plunged into the water—I called out…   View trial »
10. GEORGE GILHAM (27) , to stealing 1 post letter, containing 1 sovereign and 48 postage stamps, the property of Her Majesty’s Postmaster-General.— [Pleaded guilty: see original trial image.] Three Years’ Penal Servitude.   View trial »
11, 12. SARAH JACKSON and MARY CLARK were indicted for feloniously stealing one pair of linen sheets, value 8 s. in the dwelling-house of John Cuthbert , twelve linen shirts, value 30 s. six stocks and two neckcloths, value 4 s. four linen shifts, value 4 s. two laced muslin caps, value 2 s. two laced muslin handkerchiefs, value 3 s. one pair of laced frills, value 1 s. one flounced muslin apron, value 3 s. two linen aprons, value 2 s. four linen night caps 1 s. four linen handkerchiefs, value 1 s. one cotton waistcoat, 1 s. two child’s linen pincloths, value 6 d. eight pair of cotton stockings, value 3 s. one pair of thread stockings, value 6 d. six pair of worsted…   View trial »