64. FRANK HALL (20) , Feloniously wounding Sarah Brett, with intent to murder. Second Count, with intent to do grievous bodily harm. MESSRS. POLLARD and MEAD Prosecuted. SARAH BRETT . I have been living with Thomas Onley, at 66, Hornby Road, Peckham—I have a son, a sailor, who arrived home on 3rd October, bringing the prisoner with him as a messmate—I allowed the prisoner to remain in the house, having board and lodging till 15th October, without payment; I treated him as my own child—on 15th October Onley and the prisoner went out together, and came home about three in the after-noon—I provided tea for them—Onley went out again and came home about half-past five, and then he and my landlord went out to…   View trial »
335. MARGARET JENKINS was indicted for stealing, on the 19th of December , 8 pairs of stays, value 20s. , the goods of Catherine Agar . CATHERINE AGAR. I am a widow . On the 19th of December the prisoner came to my shop with two more persons, about half-past eight o’clock at night - they inquired for some bonnets; one of them selected a bonnet, which came to 1s. - the other two stood before the prisoner; I do not think they were in the shop a quarter of an hour before I missed some stays - I said to the prisoner”You have taken my stays;” she said” I have not;” they did not go out, for I would not let them - I sent for an officer, but could not find one; I kept the prisoner in the shop, and put my hand up her…   View trial »
642. JOSEPH ABEY COHEN (23) [Pleaded guilty: see original trial image] , to stealing a watch and chain from the person of William Mair— Three Years’ Penal Servitude. And   View trial »
560. JOSEPH PENTERCROSS was indicted for stealing two linen shirts, value 10 s. two linen stocks, value 2 s. a woollen cloth coat, value 10 s. two pair of thread stockings, value 2 s. five guineas and eleven shillings and nine-pence, in monies, numbered, the property of Richard Payne , in the dwelling-house of John Payne , June 14th . NOT GUILTY . Tried by the London Jury before Mr. RECORDER.   View trial »
870. SARAH ENGLISH was indicted for stealing, on the 13th of February , 3 caps, value 2s., and 2 pillowcases, value 1s., the goods of Mary Ann Gough  ; and 1 cap, value 5s., the goods of Elizabeth Barrel . MARY ANN GOUGH . I am single. I lost my caps and pillow-cases on the 13th of February - they were found in the prisoner’s possession; this cap is Elizabeth Barrel ‘s. …   View trial »
757. Judith the wife of Solomon Abrahams , was indicted for breaking and entering the dwelling house of Jane Cross , widow , on the 11th of July , about the hour of five in the afternoon, (no person being therein,) and stealing 2 linen gowns, 1 silk and stuff gown, 2 dimity petty coats, 2 stuff petticoats, 4 linen shifts, 4 pair of cotton stockings, 8 linen double handkerchiefs, 9 linen aprons, 4 check linen aprons, 1 black laced handkerchief, 8 pair of linen shift sleeves, 6 damask linen napkins, 2 linen breakfast cloths, 3 yards and a half of lace; the property of the said…   View trial »
John Cary, alias Carebust , Indicted for stealing a Box of black Lace, and other silk things, to a considerable value , which Box of Lace being left by Edward Johnson , a Country Laceman , at his Inn in Friday-street  ; when he returned the next week, to go to his Lace Market, found the Lock of aTrunk, wherein it was put, to be pickt, and the Lace gone, and this Cary having an acquaintance with the Hostler, had in that space been lodged in the Room where the Trunk stood, and when apprehended confest the Fact, but however afterwards denying it, was tryed, and found Guilty . [Transportation. See summary.] …   View trial »
1115. EDWARD SPEED and HENRY BRIDGES were indicted for stealing, on the 10th of March, 1 watch, value 2l.; and 2 split rings, value 1d.; the goods of Robert Shoveller, from his person. ROBERT SHOVELLER . I am a currier, and live in Lisle-street, Leicester-square. I was proceeding home on the 10th of March, accompanied by the two prisoners—one Woodfield was with the prisoners when I met them—they were walking together—Speed had been a schoolfellow of mine, and I used to play with Bridges—I was intoxicated—we walked on together—they accompanied me to my own door in Lisle-street, where I live with my mother—I did not miss any thing that night, but next morning I…   View trial »
42. THOMAS ELAM was indicted for a forcible entry. MR. METCALFE for the Protection offered no evidence. NOT GUILTY .   View trial »
393. (M.) William Jilks was indicted for stealing a feather-bed, value 20 s. the property of Jos. Flight , May 20 . ++ Jos. Flight. I am a broker . About seven in the evening on the 20th of May. I lost a feather-bed from my door, where I had put it out for sale. Q. Where do you live? Flight. I live in King-street, Seven Dials  ; the prisoner was taken the same evening. Martha Woolfer . I saw the prisoner take the bed from Mr. Flight’s door, and run away with it. I went and told Mr. Flight of it. Wil. Godbear. I saw the prisoner with the bed on his shoulder. A young woman gave the alarm; I followed…   View trial »