255. (M.) Strand Newman was indicted for stealing 4 s. in money numbered , the property of John Bill , March 28 . * John Bill . I live in Chandos-Street, Covent-Garden. I missed money several times, and did not know how to come at the knowledge of the person that took it. I took and marked some on Easter-Eve, and on the Sunday morning I missed out of my breeches pocket five shillings of the marked money. On the Monday night I had a few friends with me: after they were gone I put more money marked; some in my coat, and some in my waistcoat pocket. When I went to put my clothes on, I missed seven shillings. I had marked twenty-four shillings, though I…   View trial »
527. HARRY WORSFOLD (28) , Stealing the sums of 7l. 19s. 8d. 10l., and 13l. 6s., of Albert Solomons and another, his masters. MR. FOSTER Prosecuted; Mr. GILL Defended. HERBERT PRIEST . I am cashier to Messrs. Detro and Solomons, merchants, Great Tower Street—on the 8th of January I made out a slip for payment in to the bank of 119l. 6s. 11d.—I gave it to the prisoner—this produced is it—this other slip produced is not my writing, it is in the writing of Robert Call—he was given into custody with the prisoner on the 20th January I made out this other slip, that is my handwriting—this other one produced is not, it is in the writing of Call—on the 26th of January I made…   View trial »
724. CATHERINE WALTERS was indicted for stealing, on the 4th of April , one pillow-case, value 5s.; one blanket, value 5s., and one sheet, value 2s. , the goods of John Bennett . ELIZA BENNETT . I am the wife of John Bennett , who is a chimney-sweeper , and lives in Welbeck-street, Cavendish-square . On the 4th of April, I lost the things stated in the indictment, off my bed. The prisoner was my servant . I was out of town. Cross-examined by MR. BARRY. Thomas Boreham …   View trial »
2055. WILLIAM BOYLETT was indicted for stealing llb. 6oz. weight of brass, value 1s.; and 1 pair of pincers, 1s.; the goods of John Newman, his master: to which he pleaded GUILTY . Aged 18.— Confined One Month.   View trial »
84. ANN THORNTON , spinster , was indicted for stealing a pair of leather pumps, value 3 s. two pair of men’s leather shoes, value 12 s. two leather shoes, value 6 s. and one stuff shoe, value 2 s. the property of James Belcher Ball , privately and secretly in the shop of the said James , December 16th . JAMES BELCHER BALL sworn. I am a shoe-maker , and live at Kensington . The prisoner came into my shop on the 16th of December to enquire after a pair of shoes which she had before bespoke. I happened to step up stairs upon some business, and upon my return…   View trial »
ODD, Edward (29, carman); AUFFORTH, Arthur George Alexander (26, policeman); and SAUNDERS, Arthur Edward (42, greengrocer); stealing 19 sacks of potatoes, the goods of the Great Northern Railway, the masters of Aufforth; Saunders and Aufforth, receiving the goods, well knowing them to have been stolen. Odd pleaded guilty of conspiring to steal. Mr. Eustace Fulton prosecuted; Mr. C.A.H. Black defended founders. BEDFORD W. SPRING , manager to W. Medlock, potato merchant, King’s Cross. On November 9 I saw 100 bags of our potatoes loaded on a Great Northern…   View trial »
439. EDWARD BROWN was indicted for stealing, on the 8th of January , 1 picture, value 10s. , the goods of Thomas Bayes  ; and that, at the Delivery of his Majesty’s Gaol of Newgate, on Thursday, the 9th of August, in the 10th year of his present Majesty’s reign he was convicted of felony. THOMAS BAYES . I am a broker , and live in Tottenham-street  ; I know this picture to be mine. SAMUEL COBHAM, I am an oilman, and live near the prosecutor’s shop. I saw the prisoner on the 8th of January look into his shop, and take this picture, put it under his right arm and walk towards my house; when he came to my…   View trial »
2701. ELIZABETH M’MAHON was indicted for stealing, on the 19th of October, 1 purse, value 66d.; 11 shillings and 5 sixpences; the property of Thomas Bailey, from his person. THOMAS BAILEY . I am a plasterer. On the 19th of October, about nine o’clock in the morning, I went into the Union public-house, in Pimlico—I had been drinking, but was sensible—I had 13s. 6d. in a purse in my left trowsers’ pocket—I fell asleep—my friend awoke me—I found my pocket was cut clean out, and taken with the purse and its contents—I saw my purse again the same evening at Queen-square, where the prisoner was in custody—I do not recollect seeing her at all at the public-house. JOSEPH…   View trial »
279. (M. 1st.) Thomas Bevan was indicted for breaking and entering the dwelling-house of John Burt , on the 22d of April , between the hours of eight and nine o’clock in the night, and stealing two looking-glasses, value 6 s. two yards of grey stuff, value 18 d. and one linen bed-quilt, value 6 d. the property of the said Thomas, in his dwelling-house . * Thomas Burt . I live in Crown-street , Hoxton. I went out about four o’clock with my family last Sunday to my brother’s house, and left nobody at home. When I returned, which was betwixt eight and nine, before I opened my door, I observed…   View trial »
Eliz. Stamper of St. Dunstan’s Stepney , was indicted for stealing one Holland Sheet, and a Cap, valued at 3s. the Goods of Robert Evans , on the 18th of March last; but the Evidence not being full, she was acquitted .   View trial »