2706. ELIZABETH WRIGGLESWORTH was indicted for stealing, on the 5th of Sept., 1 cash-boy, value 1s. 6d.; 1 shilling, 1 sixpence, and 2 half-pence; the property of Mary Lloyd; and 1 pair of shoes, value 4s., the goods ol Ann Bloss. MR. BODKIN conducted the Prosecution. JANE GREEN . I am the wife of George Green; he is porter to the Honourable Charles Compton Cavendish, of Burlington-house, Piccadilly—about five o’clock in the afternoon of the 5th of Sept., my husband went, to the postoffice—the prisoner came directly after; she rang—I ran and opened the door—she asked to see the housemaid, and asked if she had been there many years—I said, “No, not more…   View trial »
180. CORNELIUS SCANNEL was indicted for feloniously stealing on the 25th of June , sixty-five pound weight of lead, value 19 s the property of William Usher , Robert Campbell , Elizabeth Fann , and Sarah Birch , widow . FRANCIS LYE . Q. Are you foreman to Messrs. Usher and Co. - A. Yes. Q. What are they. - A. White lead manufacturers . Q. Has…   View trial »
160. JOHN PARKER was indicted for feloniously assaulting Joseph Jones on the King’s highway on the 21st of December last, and putting him in fear and danger of his life, and feloniously taking from his person and against his will, one man’s hat, value 8 s. the property of the said Joseph . JOSEPH JONES sworn. I am servant to Mr. Grady, I was robbed on the 21st of December last, I was going in the evening through Grosvenor-square , about twenty minutes after seven, and opposite to the late Marquis of Rockingham’s house, there is a scaffolding erected, I was going…   View trial »
774. JOHN HILT , HENRY MERCER , and JAMES PRESNALL were indicted for stealing, on the 10th of March , 6 ducks, value 1l.; and 1 basket, value 3s., the goods of John Stone  : the said James Presnall having been before convicted of felony . JAMES STONE . I am a carrier, and live at Ingatestone, in Essex; I had a load of hay and a basket of six Muscovy ducks tied behind it - the basket was cut off…   View trial »
2183. WILLIAM SANDERS was indicted for embezzlement. JAMES LAWRENCE. I am a dealer in fixtures. The prisoner has been in my employ about two months—it was his duty to sell goods for me, and give me the money directly he saw me, or tell me why he did not—he did not account to me on the 18th of Sept. for 3l. 16s. paid by Mr. Banks—I came home about quarter past twelve o’clock, and found him very much intoxicated—be said nothing to me about the money—he had received money for me before, and paid it me. Prisoner. Q. Did you see me afterwards? A. Not till between six and seven o’clock in the evening—nothing was said about the money then—I did not ask you for it—I did not know you had it. RICHARD BANKS. …   View trial »
578. WILLIAM DRACAS and GEORGE WILSON were indicted for stealing, on the 25th of March , one pocket handkerchief, value 2s., the property of Henry Pater , from his person . MR. HENRY PATER. I am a merchant , and live in Lombard-street. On the 25th of March, between six and seven o’clock in the evening, as I was going up Holborn-hill , some person called me, and I missed my handkerchief from my right-hand coat-pocket; I turned round, and he produced the handkerchief, which I knew to be mine. WILLIAM…   View trial »
392. WILLIAM LAWSON was indicted for stealing, on the 5th of January , 13 lbs. of bacon, value 6s. , the goods of John Toms . JOHN TOMS. I am a cheesemonger , and live at Shadwell . On the 5th of January a watchman came in, and I missed a piece of bacon from the top of some cheeses at the door.(Property produced and sworn to.) RICHARD ROBERTS . I am a watchman. I stopped the prisoner in King David-lane, near the prosecutor’s shop, with this bacon under his arm - he was in liquor; I believe he is a hard-working man. Prisoner’s Defence. If I had been sober it would not have happened; my wife gave the prosecutor 1s….   View trial »
Dennis Cormick , of St. Dunstan’s in the West , was indicted for privately stealing a Handkerchief, Value 14 d. from the Person of Samuel Netherton , the 14th of September last. The Prosecutor depos’d, That as he was holding his Master’s Horse in Fleet-street, he perceiv’d his Coat to move, and missing his Handkerchief, he pursued the Prisoner, and took him with the Handkerchief in his Hand; the Prisoner pretended he found the Handkerchief on the Ground; but the Fact being plainly prov’d, the Jury found him Guilty to the value of 10 d. [Transportation….   View trial »
682. WILLIAM CARMICHAEL was indicated for stealing 1 bed, value 12s.; 1 bolster, 3s.; 2 sheets, 2s. 6d.; 1 quilt, 2s.; 3 pillow-cases, 3s.; 2 window-curtains, 9d.; 2 table-covers, 2s.; 4 chairs, 10s.; 1 wash-handstand, 7s.; 1 looking-glass, 6s.; 1 fender, 4s.; 1 tea-tray, 6s.; 3 saucepans, 6s. 6d.; 1 bread-basket, 6d.; 5 pictures and frames, 7s.; 2 drinkingglasses, 1s. 6d.; 1 wine-glass, 4d.; 1 broom, 6d.; 1 china ornament, 6d.; 1 kettle, 2s.; 5 tea-spoons, 1s.; 1 tea-pot, 7d.; 1 picture, 7d.; 2 shells, 6d.; 3 cruets, 9d.; 2 salt-sellars, 4d.; 2 knives, 5d.; 2 forks, 4d.; 1 flat-iron, 10d.; 1 jug, 1s.; 1 basin, 1s.; part of a bedstead, 2s.; 6 pates, 1s.; and 2 dishes, 5d.; the goods of Henry Byrne:— also 1 set fire-irons, 6s.; of Henry Byrne;— and also 1 pillow-case,…   View trial »
598. WILLIAM THOMPSON (35) , Unlawfully uttering counterfeit coin. MESSRS. CRAUFURD and LLOYD Prosecuted. ALLCE EVERARD . I serve in the bar of the Spread Eagle, Broad Street, Bloomsbury—on 21st May, about 10 p.m., the prisoner and two young men came in, and the prisoner paid for some drink with a shilling—I put it into the till, where there were only sixpences, and gave him 10d. change—my sister called my attention to the shilling, and I found it was bad—my sister said “Who gave you this shilling?”—I said “That gentleman standing there,” pointing to the prisoner—she said “It is a bad shilling”—they could hear that, and they drank their ale and left directly. Cross-examined by the Prisoner. There were no other shillings in…   View trial »