Before Lord Chief Baron Alexander. 186. CHARLES COLLISON and EDWARD MARTIN were indicted for stealing on the 16th of November , 18 sheep , the property of William Welch . MR. LAW conducted the prosecution. WILLIAM WELCH. I live at Southall . On the 16th of November I had eighteen sheep in my field - they were marked with a W on the side. I afterwards saw the same sheep at the City Green-yard. SAMUEL WYATT . I am the prosecutor’s shepherd. I saw these sheep in the field on Wednesday afternoon, the 16th, and missed them about nine or ten o’clock next morning…   View trial »
553. ALICE BENNET was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 11th of June , twenty yards of lace, value 4l. the property of Moses Lany , in his dwelling-house . MOSES LANY sworn. - Q.Where do you live? - A. In Tavistock-street, Covent-garden . Q. Do you keep a house there? - A. Yes. Q.What is your business? - A. I keep a laceshop . Q. Do you remember the prisoner at the bar coming to your shop last month? - A. Yes, on the 11th of June, about five o’clock in the afternoon, she came in to match two bits of lace that she had in her hand: I told her I had not any of the same; I was in the shop alone; I carried some lace to some ladies in a carriage before she came…   View trial »
1170. HENRY TURNER , was indicted for stealing, on the 3rd of April, 1 mare, price 5l.; 1 set of harness, value 10s.; and 1 cabriolet, 10l.; the property of John Perry.—2nd COUNT, stating it to be the property of William Pyle. JOHN PERRY . I live at Robert’s-mews, Hampstead-road. On Sunday evening, the 3rd of April, about seven o’clock, I gave a mare, cab, and harness, to my driver, Pyle—he ought to have brought them back next morning at seven o’clock—he came back at half-past nine, without them—I have seen them since. WILLIAM PYLE . On Sunday evening, the 3rd of April, at seven o’clock, I received a mare, cab, and harness,…   View trial »
198. THOMAS ROACH , alias SMITH , was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 17th of January , a wicker basket, value 2s. and eleven quartern loaves of bread, value 7s. 9d. the property of Sarah Harris . Second Count. Laying them to be the property of James Skelton . JAMES SKELTON sworn. - I work for Sarah Harris, baker , Maiden-lane, Covent Garden; I pitched my basket in Covent-garden on Thursday, the 17th of January, about five minutes past eleven o’clock, while I went to serve a customer; I pitched them at a china-shop door; I left two baskets, one with eleven loaves,…   View trial »
134. THOMAS STRUTT was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 21st of December , a flat, value 2s. a cloth, value 1s. and thirty pounds weight of butter, value 1l. 15s. the property of Richard Kirby . JOHN EYRE sworn. - I am servant to Mr. Richard Kirby , a carrier  : I lost a flat of butter from the side of the waggon, it was put down upon the wheel, in the passage going down to the Oxford-arms Inn, Warwick-lane  ; I saw the prisoner at the bar take it away from the waggon; I called to the porter to stop him; I followed…   View trial »
204. (M.) Mary Manby , spinster , was indicted for stealing one silver watch, value 3 l. the property of William Read , April 16 . ++ William Read . I was coming home from my work; the prisoner follow’d me to pretty near where she liv’d; she said to me, if you will go along with me, I’ll give you a pot of beer, and make ready your supper? she saw I had got it in my hand. I was a little merry, having had two or three pots of beer that day; she took hold of me by the arm, and took me into the house where she lived; and another woman took me by the collar: I saw the prisoner was getting my watch; I laid fast hold on her cloaths;…   View trial »
2085. SAMUEL DAVIS was indicted for embezzlement. JOHN WEBB . I am a soda-water manufacturer. a one of my carmen—he was intrusted to receive monies on my account—he took out soda-water, and sold it—I paid him 25s. a week—the soda-water was delivered to him in a cart in the evening, and he was to account for it, or to say that he had sold it on credit—we keep regular books. THOMAS EDENSON . On the 16th of August I paid the prisoner 7s., for two dozen of soda-water, which I ordered on the Monday—we had had soda-water once or twice previous to that of him—the prisoner delivered it to me—he did not give me any receipt. WILLIAM KENNY I am clerk to Mr. Webb I keep…   View trial »
55. David Simpson , was indicted for stealing 7 Books, Value 40 s. the Goods of Richard Knight , Esq  ; in his House . Acquitted .   View trial »
561. STEPHEN MCGOVERN** (30), PLEADED GUILTY to unlawfully obtaining, by false pretences, one field glass, of Thomas Crawford and others, having been previously convicted of felony— Seven Years’ Penal Servitude.   View trial »
2706. ELIZABETH WRIGGLESWORTH was indicted for stealing, on the 5th of Sept., 1 cash-boy, value 1s. 6d.; 1 shilling, 1 sixpence, and 2 half-pence; the property of Mary Lloyd; and 1 pair of shoes, value 4s., the goods ol Ann Bloss. MR. BODKIN conducted the Prosecution. JANE GREEN . I am the wife of George Green; he is porter to the Honourable Charles Compton Cavendish, of Burlington-house, Piccadilly—about five o’clock in the afternoon of the 5th of Sept., my husband went, to the postoffice—the prisoner came directly after; she rang—I ran and opened the door—she asked to see the housemaid, and asked if she had been there many years—I said, “No, not more…   View trial »